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Island vacations don’t get better than Anna Maria. Complete with a wide array of activities and events, this island is an ideal getaway for your Memorial Day celebrations. Beyond the usual parades of the day, you are also treated to the best of island dining. Here's what Memorial Day feels like on Anna Maria Island.
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Spend Time on the Beach

Enough cannot be said about beaches on Anna Maria Island. This island is home to multiple beaches, all offering a different vibe. Even in their diversity, these beaches have one thing in common. They are a relaxed setting for you to reconnect with nature. The white sand of the beach is a good place to start your Memorial adventures. Gentle walks on the heated sand come packed with therapeutic benefits such as improved blood flow. Also, it is a good way of preparing your body for the adventures that lie ahead. If you are too lazy for these walks, horseback riding will do you good. You can also rent a chair and umbrella to provide shade as you embrace the peace and calmness that comes with the sea.

Explore the Watersports

Relaxing on the beach is not enough for a Memorial Day adventure. Exploring the adventures unique to these beaches is where all the magic lies. The most basic yet interesting of them all is swimming. The shallow sections of the shore are a perfect place to start. Also, it is the place to be for families with tubes and jackets for kids. Apart from swimming, there are other adrenaline-pumping activities available for you to explore. Snorkeling will give you a glimpse under the water, while surfing will give you the thrill of riding a wave. Fishing is also a worthy activity to try.

Tribute to the Heroes Parade

The highlight of your Memorial Day getaway on Anna Maria Island is the Tribute to the Heroes Parade. It is one of the few events that perfectly fit the context of the day. It is a special tribute unique to Anna Maria organized by Lakewood Ranch. It is a popular event meant to celebrate local heroes and is known to attract thousands of spectators living on the island. In short, it is a busy parade that will have you arriving early to book a good spot to witness everything. Usually, the parade begins at 6 pm and ends at 10 pm. It is the place to be to interact directly with veterans and locals.

Dine in the Island

Dining is a crucial part of your Memorial Day experiences in Anna Maria. Being a coastal destination, you can already tell the number of seafood restaurants you will find in the area. Whether you are after a cocktail of fried seafood or you want something more authentic like the iconic clam chowder, you are in the right place for it all. Anna Maria Island has more than just seafood options. Delicacies from virtually all corners of the globe are represented here. From the usual American dining style to more exotic ones that incorporate Asian, Mexican, and Italian cultures, the choice is yours. Also, there is a set of drinks unique to the island you would want to sample.

Rent a High-End Vacation Home

Another reason why Anna Maria Island is the ultimate Memorial Day destination is the island’s luxurious vacation homes. Properties in this area adopt modern designs with all the crucial amenities to show for it. Kitchens have quality stainless appliances to aid in your culinary work. Bedrooms are furnished with the necessary items to enhance a good night’s sleep. The luxury of your stay is taken a notch higher by the presence of private pools and hot tubs. On days when the beach is too crowded, you will have a small party from home while still cooling off. The hot tub will come in handy when you need to nurse those achy joints while still enjoying a warm splash.

Go for a Sunset Cruise

The tail end of your Memorial Day experience in Anna Maria involves going for a sunset cruise. It is a luxurious way of adventuring while interacting with creatures such as dolphins. Anna Maria Island is known for its picturesque sunsets and such cruises show it firsthand. Usually, tours to the setting sun are done using a luxury yacht with food and drinks served on board.

Book Your Memorial Day Rentals

Memorial Day on Anna Maria Island is more than just a celebration of the fallen heroes. It is also a good time for you to appreciate the beauty and diversity of America. We at SeaBreeze Vacation are here to ensure you enjoy every aspect of the adventure by providing you with the best rentals on the island. Reach out to us today to reserve your stay!
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