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Fishing is a popular activity and sport for tourists and locals in the Sunshine State. Due to the coastal proximity, bright blue water, white sand beaches, and piers, there are many chances to catch fish, head out on a fishing charter, and cast your line. Keep reading to learn more about fishing on Anna Maria Island and how to reel in a huge catch!
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How to Go Fishing

Inshore Fishing

One of the most popular ways for tourists and locals alike to go fishing on AMI is to go inshore fishing. This is a fun way to explore the Intracoastal waterways while testing your prowess at catching a few fish on your rod throughout the day. This is a great way to have a relaxing sunny day with kids or older adults who might not be up for a full-day Anna Maria Island fishing charter.


If you want to get in a workout as well as try your luck at catching some of the local fish, then going kayak fishing is the top way to go. We love being able to kayak along the rivers, ocean, and bay while still being able to cast your rod and see if you get ant bites. This is a fun way to get outside, exercise, and spend quality time with your best friend or partner.


The final way to go fishing on Anna Maria Island is to rent a charter boat and head out in the open water. We think this is a fun way to get a boat ride and feel the wind whipping through your hair and see more of the island and the coastline. And if you don’t feel comfortable renting a charter boat yourself, you can choose a professional charter company.

Best Fishing Rental Companies

If you are interested in heading out on the water for a full-day or half-day trip, consider renting a charter boat or going with a professional fishing company so you can rest assured all the details are taken care of. This is especially a great idea if you are a new fisherman who might not know the ins and outs of open-water fishing and the local Florida regulations. One of the top Anna Maria Island fishing charters is the Reel Fun Charter in Cortez. Reel Fun and Captain Tery offer a memorable experience on a 4- or 6-hour trip that allows guests to catch tripletail, jack crevalle, or snapper. You can head out on the 23-foot boat that is big enough for you and three best friends. Another popular fishing charter company is AMI Excursions on Holmes Beach and Anna Maria Island. This state-licensed business offers 4- or 8-hour trips that allow you to catch king mackerel, cobia, and redfish based on the conditions and season. The 23-foot pro boat can fit you and five other people comfortably. The fishing charter takes care of the terminal tackle, gear, rods, reels, snacks, and drinks, so you can just focus on having fun. Another popular charter company that is well respected in the industry is Chase the Blue Charters on Manatee Avenue in Holmes Beach, Florida. This federally permitted company offers a 26-foot boat with tons of space for up to six fishermen at once. The high-speed boat brings you into the open water super quickly, so you have a high chance of fishing and finding cash to return home. We also recommend looking into the Charter Fish Bradenton company in Holmes Beach. This state-licensed fishing company offers a 23-foot boat for four guests. You can choose which type of trip you want based on your preferences, with all fishing charter providing licenses and equipment to take the trees out of the trip. Lastly, Anna Maria Island’s Aqua Delights provides unique fishing charters in Holmes Beach, Anna Maria, Bradenton Beach, Palmetto, and Cortez, allowing you to choose your preferred location! The massive 24’ boat offers tons of space for you and my best friend to try your luck at catching tarpon, mackerel, snapper, redfish, and other types of fish in the bright blue waters.

Top Tips for Fishing on AMI

Before you head off on the water by yourself to try and catch the biggest fish, check out these top tips so you can get the biggest haul and have fun in the process. First, make sure you check the weather beforehand. Weather can make a huge difference when it comes to the fish available, the conditions of the water, and the safety of going out on the waves. Make sure the wind is not too strong and the boat can drive in good condition. Next, consider starting on a pier. Of course, going out on a boat can be fun, but it requires more time, equipment, and expertise. If you want to begin fishing on Anna Maria Island and you are strapped for time or want to have a half-day experience, consider going to one of the nearby piers to catch a huge fish! Head to Rod and Reel Pier to soak in the pristine views and catch trout in the process. Furthermore, you might even be able to fish from one of the local white sand beaches if you do the property research beforehand. You can’t just head to the beach, set up your rod, and cast in the water, but you can go fishing on the beach if you are a resident with a fishing pole, over the age of 65, a Florida resident, or on food stamps. Suppose you're visiting Anna Maria Island and you are a resident of the Sunshine State. In that case, you can go fishing on the beach—even during summer! In addition, you need to respect the local wildlife fishing rules and regulations before you cast lure after lure into the water. Anna Maria Island offers tons of chances to view wildlife, natural marine environments, and coastal beauty, so you can do your part in keeping it that way by respecting the environment. Keep in mind the local boating rules and guidelines on how to remove fishing lines. Another tip is to consider the popular fishing seasons. Anna Maria Island offers fishing all year round, so you can always head out on the water to try to get a big haul. However, there are different seasons for different fish and marine life. For example, the stone crab season is one of the busiest times in the water. Make sure you use safe boating practices during the high season.

Best Spots to Go Fishing on Anna Maria Island

If you are keen about going fishing on your own and can plan the day all by yourself, then the number one thing to tick off your list is figuring out the best spot to cast your line. We think a few spots reign supreme when it comes to views, catching fish, and soaking in the pristine sun rays. First off, Bradenton Beach City Pier is one of the top spots due to its proximity and beautiful surroundings. The historic Bradenton Beach City Pier is easy to get to by water or on foot, making it easy to get here from your lovely accommodation. Once you’re done, head to nearby Bridge Street to go shopping or visit a seafood restaurant for a mouthwatering meal. Next, Rod and Reel Pier is an ever-popular spot for avid fishermen and beginners alike. No matter what time you come here, you will find the most dedicated fishermen setting up their rods and getting ready to settle in for the day. If you are just visiting this beautiful spot to catch a few fish, you can purchase bait from one of the local shops and rent a rod to test your luck. We also love fishing offshore if you are interested in sightseeing and catching a few fish. You can book a deep-sea fishing charter that takes you away from some of the piers and local beaches that are usually packed full of people keen to go fishing and catch a fresh dinner for the night. We also recommend going to the Coquina Beach Jetty for a spot that is a little farther away and less busy during the summer hours. Head here during sunrise or sunset to have your best luck at catching fish and avoid the peak sun hours to stay safe and healthy. You will see tons of fish, view the Sarasota Bay and Gulf of Mexico waters, and have one of the best photo-op spots on the coast. Last but not least, the Manatee River is a fun spot for you to check out if you have already gone to the nearby bays, gulfs, and ocean. This river offers almost 10 miles of flowing water to paddle in a kayak or canoe, cast a line, and see incredible wildlife, like dolphins, bass, manatees, and other breathtaking sights.

Fishing Stores on Anna Maria island

There are many stores and shops for you to rent fishing gear, like rods, reels, bait, tackle, and much more, so you never have to worry about bringing your gear or packing your suitcase with bait! Anna Maria Island and the other nearby coastal towns offer great deals on everything you could ever want for a full day out on the water. We recommend going to Island Discount Tackle right in the heart of the town to fill up your boat with fuel, gather the local water and fishing news, speak with professional fishermen about where and when to head out on the waves, and purchase or rent rods, tackle, bait, and lure. Another great spot to rent fishing gear or purchase some much-needed items to make your day on the water stress-free and easy is AMI Sport Fishing. We recommend heading here if you are already well-versed in fishing and just need a few items to top-up your fishing staff. This shop offers tons of sports fishing gear and opportunities for a full-day adventure with your best friends. Another good spot to check out for gear out on the water is Cortez Deep Sea Fishing. Not only does this reputable company offer huge party boats for you and a dozen other people to try our luck at catching fish, but they also have knowledgeable professionals to provide fishing information, high-end gear, and maps for you to use out on the water. Last but not least, AMI Outfitters Coastal Gear and Apparel should be your go-to spot if you need some clothes, gear, or fishing items to bring out on the air if you forgot some back at home. If you forget board shorts, hats, sunscreen, lure, or rods, this is the ideal spot for a one-stop-shop with discount prices and a wide selection.

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Not sure where to stay during your upcoming vacation to the breathtaking Anna Maria Island? Well, we have a few options for you. We take care of all of the hard work for you so that you can just show up, chill out, and relax in one of our luxurious and spacious beach properties right on the coast of the Sunshine State. Not only do we offer numerous homes that work for your unique group size, but we also have add-ons, amenities, and extras that you won’t find in the nearby hotels or B&Bs. We have outdoor space, pools, modern amenities, stainless steel appliances, and professional real estate agents who are there 24 hours a day, 7 days per week, to help you have the best time possible. Need space for 14 people? No problem! Do you want a small, one-bedroom condo that overlooks the coast? We have that, too. Browse our website today to see which property really stands out to you.
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